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Submitted by Comments:
Name: Joel
From: San Antonio
Shelby, you may not remember me but we lived across the street from each other when we were just kids in junior high growing up in Kingsville and living off of Miller. My family and I only knew you a few short years before we moved away but you made such an impression on us all. You even went to church with us a few times and on occasion just you and my mom went together.

I've thought of you often as I have many friends from Kingsville. I've wondered how you were, where you were living, what was going on in your life, etc. I'd end up sayin a little prayer for you and go on about my day.

Not long ago I learned of your passing and even though it's been so long, my heart breaks. I wish I could have been there for you. I wish I could have done something, anything. I'm sorry. I shared the news with my family who are saddened and in disbelief.

But I remember.. Your big bright smile that sometimes brightened our home and often greeted me when I opened the front door. Believe it or not I can still hear your laugh and the sound of your voice. You never backed down from a fight and always stuck up for your friends or those who had less. I remember on my 13th birthday you surprised me by showing up at my house with Rene & Shea, balloons and a birthday cake! Thank you for that. One of the best 'birthday memories' I have.

I'm glad you pursued your dreams and no, I can't say I'm surprised you became a fighter. By reading the different posts & stories it seems you did many wonderful and selfless things. I'm not surprised by that either.

Though the news is still hard to believe, I take solace knowing you're in heaven now and that you're happy. You're with the Lord and his angels, no longer dealing with the issues in this world. Wrapped in his loving arms, you'll never to want for anything ever again.

Till we meet again and I can give you a hug, be blessed my friend! You have been and will continue to be missed.

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Submitted by Comments:
Name: daniel
From: kingsville
hey,thought of you the other day i had a glass of chocolate milk and it reminded me of the time you came over and we were watching cartoons still rember walking around the trailer park take care just thinking of you .
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